2015 Beirut gift guide for every character type

It's that time of year again. If your panic attacks are beginning to unleash, you're in the right place. Like last year, I've compiled some of my favorite items, for the most part designed by local artists. I never thought I'd say this considering Lebanon's postal confusion, but all of these products are available online (in addition to in-store).

Happy shopping.

The Millennial with the New Pad

This kid has their home furnished with the perfect balance of black leather and contemporary art that's a bit too ironic for your taste. All they need now is a dash of robot pipage for the perfect late-night ambiance to discuss Berlin. Check out The Pipe Brothers - classy, refined lighting (and furniture as well) completely based on pipes (See the full Pipe Brothers feature here.)

Robot Desk Lamp by The Pipe Brothers
The Pipe Brothers
$150, available on The Pipe Brothers website.

The Third-Culture Kid Seeking an Identity

There's always a horde of Lebanese expats visiting during the holidays. Here's something for them to further romantize Beirut when back abroad: a phone cover that not only creates the illusion that there's a a few trees in town, but has a charming touch of eclectic Arabic that can qualify as calligraphy in some countries.

But really, this gorgeous cover is something I'd love to see everyday.

Alo Beirut iPhone cover by Luanatic
Available for iPhone 5 & 6, $25, on Lebelik here.

The Jolly Sundayer

The Sundayer has a tendency to continuously plans Sunday shenanigans - from picnics in random valleys to terrace barbeques with pretty tableware. While it might sound like an oxymoron to have arak and hand-painted in the same sentence, that's exactly why I find it this hand-painted Arak set by Lebanese designer Dessine Moi Un Oeil exciting.

Arak set by Dessine Moi Un Oeil
Dessine Moi Un Oeil

$73 for full set, $38 for the Caraf alone. Available on MySOUK here.

The Garbage Activist 

waste isn't a new brand, but with the garbage crisis, it's as relevant as ever. The brand fashions some snazzy bags using recycled billboard ads. It's a great way to cough out a 'Merry Christmas, let's not forget 2015, the year the term garbage-secularism was coined, the year of the the fumes and the the apocalyptic headlines' It's also a lovely gift for the friend with the newfound-recycling obsession.

waste | bags using recycled billboard ads
$45, available online here.

The Married Ex

Jam up the neverending awkwardness in your life with a gift to your blast from the past.

Fairuz 'Kifak Enta' by Luanatic
$12, available online here.

The Orient Aficionado 

Their favorite Disney movie is Aladdin and they may just own some sort of shiny traditional garment. For this character type, there's no better gift for them to flaunt their exotic bits than an Arabesque china set to serve their Turkish novelty blend in style.

This set by Images D'Orient is so beautiful I can't stop staring.

Images D'Orient Arabesque set
Images D'Orient

Price varies; products are available around Lebanon and on Amazon globally. See website for for info.

The Save Beirut-ist

Doubling as a tablecloth and a playhouse based on a traditional Lebanese home, "Beit Claire" by Karen Chekerdjian comes in such a pretty box I'd buy it for myself for the package. I really like this because I grew up imagining the perfect home as one with an American mailbox, a golden retriever and a backyard (and to this day feel deceived). Maybe if Beit Claire had been around then...

A Tablecloth that doubles as a playhouse Based on Lebanese Traditional Home by Karen Chekerdjian
Karen Chekerdjian

Request it online here.

The Book Cover Shopper

I posted "Arabic Poems" on Instagram a while back and made sure to include it this time around. I'm not a huge fan of poetry but this was definitely one of my favorite book purchases because it's a nice anthology of Arabic poetry. The original peom and its English translation are placed side by side, and it's hardcover with really nice embellishments.

Arabic Poems (Everyman's Library Pocket Poets)

$15; Get it on Antoine Online here and on Amazon here.

The Lost Cause

You're about to opt for a generic ABC gift card when a Wonderfull Box waltz in...

A Wonderfull Box lebanon | Bananapook
A Wonderfull Box
Apart from a Wonderfull box of Gourmet, also available are Wonderfull Boxes of Adventure, Glamour and Harmony. Each box contains 10 Lebanon-based experiences for the recipient to select from related to the theme you pick, and they have one year to redeem it (for example, the Gourmet Box includes meal experiences, one-on-one cooking lessons, wine-tasting, etc.)

Long story short: it's a gift card guised in a very pretty, poetic package and is 10x times less awkward than handing an envelope.

Pricing starts at $75. Buy it online here.


My condolences to your card in advance. For more gift ideas for character types including The Hipster Snowboarder, The M3anse and more, visit the 2014 version, and if you have any more suggestions, leave them in the comments.

(Again, none of these are ads. I'm just a materialistic girl in a materialistic world.)


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