2014 Beirut Gift Guide for Every Character Type

T'is the season to be in debt. Here are some suggestions to worsen your current financial state.

They're all items I really like; picks from my some of my favorite Lebanese artists (and one pick from a random Californian resin designer).

The Hipster Snowboarder:

By Nader Dagher for Art7ake

Of course you already know Nader Dagher. His works are awesome, and they're also very gift-friendly.

Posters, framed prints, canvases, and t-shirts available. Items start at $15. Shop for the hipster snowboarder on MySouk.com.

The Tante on a Juice Cleanse:

Nada Debs Tea Box
Tea Box by Nada Debs

Incredibly high-quality craftsmanship. I watched the Nada Debs artisans work on a piece at Beirut Design Week earlier this year, and my my my, it is one hell of a meticulous process.

No idea how much this costs, but it wont be cheap. Plenty of locations to shop Nada Debs from. 

The Pretentious Social Scientist: 

Both design and editorial quality of The Outpost continues to amaze me, issue after issue. You can't help but treat each one as though it was the original Hamlet copy, and the topics the magazine covers involve some incredibly intimate and exhaustive research. I've very proud to know that The Outpost was born right here in Beirut.

Each issue at $16. Order online or find the latest issue at any Beirut bookstore.

The M3anse:

By Nour Tohme for Draw Me a Song
I've been following Nour Tohme's works for a few years now. Nour gained international fame as a both typographer and an illustrator, and I can't wait to get my very first poster.

Print available in A1, A2, A3, A4. Items start at $10. Shop this and plenty more at www.drawmeasong.com

The Misunderstood Child:

Fetish Systems by Raafat Majzoub

I can safely say that my copy of Fetish Systems glows in yellow neon. Keep that highlighter handy love.

$12.54 paperback at all Antoine Bookstore branches and Antoine Online.

The One Flying High:

Prints by Tamara Fakhoury
Nothing says I love you to the high one like one of Tamara Fakhoury's prints. Tamara is one of my favorite illustrators, ever, and is one of the earliest features on the blog.

Check her Facebook Page to browse all designs and to request the print of your choice.

The one with the Li Beirut Status:

Scarf by Alephya
For all things adorned with beautiful Arabic typography, check out alephya. Their line includes tables, poofs, scarves, notebooks, pouches, purses, etc. - a little something for every budget.

Alephya is available at The Oddfish.

The Vintage Bitch:


I highly respect Rana Salam, the queen of all things colors and crafts. I respect her in the same way I respect Martha Stewart - both ambitious, self-made, and ingenious. Except Rana has that ommph and Martha doesn't.

Shop Rana Salam either online or find the items at her Monot studio (near Albergo). 

The Freakishly-Happy:

The Lapin Collection by Tina Frey Designs
...To hold their blindfully-colorful cakes with the diabetes-inducing frosting. These are very cute! Even the bitter (yours truly included) could use these. 

The Lapin Collection by Tina Frey Designs (San Francisco). Available at The Silly Spoon, Zahret el Ihsan Street, Achrafieh.

The naive who still thinks Beirut is the Paris of the Middle East: 

One of my best purchases this year. See what's inside and read my interview with the author, David Hury, here.

$50 at all Antoine Branches and on Antoine Online. 

The Wannabe Poet:

ants beirut notebooks
Ants Beirut
I have one of these and people always think it's a $100+ fancy Italian leather notebook. These are really nice for quick sketches or notes-on-the-go, with rough, creme-colored paper. 

Available in different sizes with different covers at Ants, Makhoul Street, Hamra. Starting at 10,000 L.L. or so. 

The Snob Niece with the iPhone 6: 

Published by Dar Arcane
If you love them, help them read a book. This one's a great one and helps explain the history of Lebanon in a reader-friendly way (see my review on YourMiddleEast.com here). I don't know nothing about history, I learned a lot about the ancient roots of the country right inside.

$20 at all Antoine Branches and on Antoine Online. The second volume just came out a month ago.

The Overexcited Cigar Newbie:

By Kashida Design, spells out "Cigar" in Arabic
For the overexcited cigar kid, (i.e. < 25 years old), this'll is one gesture that'l help reinforce their sexuality.

Kashida have the coolest Arabic-based items in town, with lots of high-quality furniture pieces. See more and check out my interview with the artists here

$77 stainless steel and and charcoal brown wood finish. Shop Kashida Design online or find your nearest retail store. 

The One Who Instagrams their Labne Rice Cakes: 

By Corinne Martin
These are very cool, though a little overpriced in my opinion. If you got the dollars to splurge, then go for it.

$50 per cover. Available for 5/5s and 6/6+. Shop on the Corinne Martin Shop or find your nearest retail store. 


PS. All humor aside, I really like all the above products and highly recommend them as gift purchases.

PPS. None of the above are advertisements, though on poor days, I kinda wish they were.

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