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16 October 2014

How to Join the Pumpkin-Designing Battle

  1. Danielle Audi
  2. Bana Bissat
  3. Bilal Bissat & Ghinwah Hachem
  4. Line Koleilat
  5. Jose Daou
  6. Stephanie Antoun
  7. Pierre Boulos
  8. Maysaa Dikka
  9. Alice Kezhaya
  10. Ghada Khoury
  11. Marc Srour
  12. Joseph Aoun
  13. Ghenwa Abiad

I posted on social media that I'm running a pumpkin-carving competition:

LISTEN UP, please. Who'd be down for a pumpkin-carving battle? I know Halloween isn't a big deal around here but it's my Eid and Christmas and Diwali rolled into one. If you're into carving stuff and/or throwing materials on them, comment using the "��" as a confirmation of your interest in my pumpkin challenge. We'll find a jury to select the winner, or a khodarje with some free time. #PumpkinCarvingForNoChange

If you're interested in joining, you can email me your design at, or throw them on social media using #PumpkinCarvingForNoChange (make sure your account is set on public first) before October 30th.

Confirm via the Facebook event, or a comment right here, and I'll add your name to the list above.

I'll post all the entries, whether they're 2 (mother and I) or 30, right over here on October 30th.

If you can't carve for your life, feel free to approach the pumpkin differently. You can use paint, stencils, beet ink, printouts, so on and so forth.

Here are some generic stencils you can print out and use, and some kickass inspiration to make you feel like a failed pumpkin artist. The Web is your friend.

May the snazziest pumpkin win.

Create, appreciate,


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