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22 November 2014

A Roundup of the Best Independence Day Brand Posts

... The ones that I've come across, at least.

Today's been a very red and green day. I don't know how much longer I can handle it.

I'm pretty impressed by the Instagrammers who managed to use themselves as an Independence Day wish, whether embellishing their nails with cedars, or somehow managing to turn themselves into cedars (I've been stalking #IndependanceDay quite closely today).

A shoutout to all the brands with the harsh what-independence-we-don't-have-a-president humor in their Independence Day brand wish, but that's not what I'm looking at here.

For me, the delicate, humble wishes did it best. Sentimentality at its finest.

Starting off with one of my favorites, Le Mall's fresh breath of non-patriotic air. Absolutely love this one:

Le Mall Independence Day
Food blogger NoGarlicNoOnions really knows how to charm with his designs. A dentist, a foodie, and my hunch is that he'd make a great creative director:

NoGarlicNoOnions Independence Day
The antique-collecter-wannabe-hipster in me loves this:

Em Sherif Independence Day
Em Sherif 
Simplicity and brand relevancy can be beautiful:

Les Amis Independence Day
Les Amis Boutique
Clinique Independence Day
Clinique Arabia 
The "Beyrouth" road sign in this one made it for me. It's all about that little touch:

BMW Lebanon Independence Day
BMW Lebanon 
One of the very few "wishes" selling products, but quite appropriately (p.s. would anyone buy this besides the Lebanese in Montreal?):

Khoury Home Independence Day
Khoury Home
Sure, Kababji's wish isn't exactly avant-garde, but I think it's super easy on the eye and the visual is very well-done:

Kababji Independence Day
Same goes for Martha Fadel, an haute couture brand:

martha fadel independence day
Martha Fadel
You may have already seen Spinneys' take:

spinneys independence day
February 30 simply posted a photo of this car that we all see around and never understand, with the below caption:

إسمه عزه منذ كان الجدود 
مجده ارزه رمزه للخلود

No "Happy Independence Day", nothing. Their post was simple and cute, and relevant because this unidentifiable automobile always somehow hovers around pubs:

February 30
I saved the best for last. Al Falamanki's wish, very appropriately using Fairuz's بحبك يا لبنان (Bahebak ya Lubnan, or I love you Lebanon) lyrics. A perfect tribute to both Fairuz and the country, all the while sticking within the brand's identity, and all it took was text to do it:

Al Falamanki

I would feature the worst ones, with great joy too, but mumsy always told me "ma to2ta3e riz2et hadan," even if it's just a blog post.

I think it was a hit-and-miss this year for the usual advertising superstars. Thoughts? Also, have you come across any oo-la-la ones? Please share your links. And after that, I don't think any of us wants to see the Lebanese flag for at least a fortnight.

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