Major ad agencies join forces to take Beirut billboards by storm

I'm still as bitter as I was in 2014, but Beirut's feeling a little more hopeful... Or so the billboards claim. 

Beirut's major ad agencies joined forces under the Pikasso umbrella to overtake Beirut with positive vibes for the new year. They're calling it the #NetworkOfHope. The network includes reps from the Big 4 agencies (Impact BBDO, Leo Burnett, etc.) alongside some of my favorite regional agencies, WonderEight and the likes. 

Some of the designs are really nice, some are just meh, billboard profit would've been wiser. My favorite contribution to the #NetworkOfHope is by GREY MENA. Famously effective, I guess :) 

I have so many questions to ask... like how many of Pikasso's 8000+ advertising faces are dedicated to the campaign? How much loss (if any) is the billboard giant encountering by limiting brand ads? Is this just a Beirut thing? Are the ugly billboards getting the fugly designs? 

Visiting the dedicated microsite,, redirects you to this Facebook Page. 

Here are some of the designs. Check out Pikasso's Facebook Page for more.

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