At ABC Dbayeh, pianos talk [VIDEO]


So Al Bustan International Festival is currently running, and well, they're all over town chirping and advertising.

In a super strategic move delivered by Blitz Agency, they placed a piano at ABC Dbayeh. More specifically, a talking piano.

A sci-fi voice emitted from the piano urges the mall's passersby to 'play him'.

Naturally, there's a rep somewhere out there, remote-controlling what the piano voices all the while spying via a hidden cam.

When the person who's playing sucks, the piano basically tells him to F off. When the person plays well, he oohs and ahhs.

At some point, the piano releases tickets to Al Bustan Festival. Which could be pricey, so that's a nice perk for randomly tinkering around with a charismatic piano.

Dalia Nahas, Creative Director at Blitz, filled me in:
"We created this concept to engage with people and bring a smile to their faces and a warm feeling in their hearts. Lebanon and the region are going through difficult times and it is important to remind ourselves that not all is doom and gloom and that hope remains.
We chose an activation rather than a traditional ad because we wanted to rejuvenate and democratize classical music. Al Bustan is not a festival for the snobby elitists and the old. By engaging youngsters and entertaining the mass, we highlight the fact that this festival is within reach and welcomes any person who appreciates good music.
The activation and movie was produced in collaboration with Caiman production house."
Wish we could rent this work of instrumental delight. I really need an incentive to start playing the piano.

Ps. if you're interested in Al Bustan International Festival, performances are ongoing until March 22. You can see the program here, and purchase tickets at all Antoine branches.

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