BAM! The ultimate gallery of vintage Lebanese art posters

I just opened Pandora's box, only to find a gazillion vintage art posters from Beirut's culture scene in the late 1900s. 

You might have come across these before. I never have. I came across these while researching the AUB archives for last week's post, The Earliest Color Photos of Beirut. I'm learning to appreciate these archives and special collections more and more, much more than I ever did as a student in AUB, which is such a shame. Thankfully, some of them are digitized and presented to the public online.

The posters were donated to AUB by a variety of collectors, including art critic Cesar Nammour and theatre actor Antoine Kerbage for AUB's "Exhibition in Art Posters in Lebanon" back in 2001.

There are 177 ones in the collection.

Laure Ghorayeb 1989
1989; donated by Antoine Kerbage
Donated by Antoine Kerbage
Donated by Husayn Madi; 1974
Donated by Cesar Nammour; 1973

Donated by Cesar Nammour; 1973
Donated by Cesar Nammour; 1991
Donated by Sursock Museum; 1969 

Donated by Sursock Museum; 1974.
Donated by George Zeeny; 1979
Donated by George Zeeny; 1980
Donated by Antoine Kerbage; 1985
Donated by Antoine Kerbage
Donated by Cesar Nammour; 1974
Donated by Ibrahim Zod; 1981

See the rest of the posters here. The introduction by Cesar Nammour is a must-read. 

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