The earliest color photos of Beirut

You've probably already come across Charles Cushman's photographs; at least every Lebanese Facebook Page admin has posted one of his photos at one point or another.
Cushman (1896-1972) traveled around, photographing the streets of various cities. He's known to be one of the first to photograph the Golden Gate Bridge in color. Here's the fella:

Charles Cushman Grand Canyon
Charles Cushman at the Grand Canyon
One of the first color photographs of the Golden Gate Bridge 
In total, there are 133 color photographs of Lebanon by Charles Cushman available online.

Though we have plenty of access to photos of early Beirut thanks to networks like Old Beirut and other pages and blogs, Cushman's photos are of the few that are actually archived, digitized, dated, caption-ed, and protected - in the Indiana University Archives. Thanks, Indiana! Very few of us know where the F you fall on the US map, but thanks.

Coil-oil Johnny, Beirut; May 6 1965
Coil-oil Johnny, Beirut; May 6 1965

Port Beirut 1965
Port Area, Beirut; May 2 1965

Minet el Hosn, Beirut; May 1, 1965

Excelsior Hotel, Beirut; May 1, 1965

arab refugees along dog river charles cushman
Arab refugees along Dog River; May 2 1965
Parliament Square, Beirut; May 2 1965

Fishers and net, Beirut; May 4 1965
Fishers and net, Beirut; May 4 1965

Tram on Parliament Square, Beirut; May 5 1965

Rooftops below high starco bldg, Beirut; May 7 1965

Balconies, Beirut; May 7 1965

Kalifa Girls Beirut Beach; May 8 1965
Kalifa Girls Beirut Beach; May 8 1965

Ras Beirut; May 9 1965

Old apt. bldg. Rue de Paris, Beirut; May 10 1965

Ras Beirut; May 9 1965

AUB's Jafet Library has plenty of archive collections, but only two are digitized and open to the public, the Moore Collection (mostly old photos of AUB) and the E.W. Blatchford Collection (mostly photos of the Middle East overall).

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