Creative community pays tribute to Beirut Madinati

With a politically unaffiliated campaign highly focused on well-being and infrastructure, Beirut Madinati, the volunteer-led team running for Beirut's municipal council for the very first time, seems to have successfully attracted much of the Lebanese youth with its strong, well-grounded program and pledges.

Artists, designers and even companies revealed works in tribute to their newfound hope, and the unity is as inspirational as ever.

Scroll down to see some the works.

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Roi Saade:
Art for Beirut Madinati - Roi Saade
Dar Onboz:

Dar Onboz Beirut Madinati

Joyce Joumaa:

Nadim Asfar:

Jamal Saleh:

Ghaleb Hawila:

Art for Beirut Madinati - Ghaleb Hawila

Marie Joe Ayoub:

Art for Beirut Madinati - Marie Joe Ayoub

Alfred Tarazi:
Art for Beirut Madinati - Alfred Tarazi

Rawand Issa:

Art for Beirut Madinati - Rawand Issa

Yasmine Darwiche:

Vladimir Kurumilian:

Vladimir Kurumilian design for Beirut Madinati

Celine Teyrouz:

Elissar Kanso:

Art for Beirut Madinati - Elissar Kanso

Accompanying text: Rassile est un caractère fictif né d’un désir de retrouver une enfance maladroite, hantée par des soucis hallucinatoires. Rassile est une mignone petite créature qui n’hésite pas à montrer sa colère à travers des situations dans lesquelles elle se trouve involontairement et qu’elle déteste tellement. 

Rassile ressemble à Beyrouth sa ville.

Noura Andréa Nassar:

Yazan Halwani:

Yazan Halwani

Joseph El Hourany

Rouba Mourtada aka Choux à la Crème:

Art for Beirut Madinati - Rouba Mourtada

Art for Beirut Madinati - Decoplan

George Khoury:

Art for Beirut Madinati - George Khoury

Khalil Azar aka BeirutVersus:


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