The bike movement in Lebanon is getting stronger than ever

Those bike lanes that don't exist? They're slowly getting busier thanks to immense collective efforts like that of The Chain Effect, The Deghri Messengers, Cycling Circle and most recently - Siwar Kraytem's much-anticipated guide book, ABCycling in Beirut

A graphic designer and a bicyclist, Siwar designed the guide after years of commuting by bike around Beirut, a pothole-ridden city where the worldwide movement has a long way to catch on.

Pastel hues and quirky illustrations make ABCycling reader-friendly and bathroom-approved - the thrilling indulgence you've been waiting to flip through. It's also bubbling with pull-out surprises, from little booklets to a poster ready to be framed - and perhaps the best part - its silk-screen hardcover. 

Thankfully, it doesn't bore with formal, NGO-style pleas to hop on your bike. On the contrary: it nonchalantly places the bicycle as that luxe trend you've been missing out on; a utility that brazenly claims equal acclaim as a Brooklyn Uber. On its more serious note - it tackles cultural scenarios like, you know, that awkward situation of being female and riding a bike through what is probably what is categorized as a patriarchtic country.

If you've been meaning to make that switch from gas-guzzler to bike, ABCycling is your go-to-reference. And in the unlikely chance you're a to-be-tourist heading Beirutwards and to your nearest bike rental - consider it your Lonely Plant. 

The guide hasn't been printed for us yet. We'll need to help crowdfund it here within this month in exchange for goodies and, yes, ABCycling itself! Enjoy the photos for now, and hopefully we'll be riding through the printed book later on.

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