Lebanese Instagramsphere says your life sucks

There are plenty of positive correlations between Instagram usage and depression. But, not everything on there has to make it clear that your life sucks.

If you look beyond the Woke up Like Dis selfies and the silent #BurgerPorn competition going on in Lebanon - you'll find nuggets of sheer awesomeness, like @pamelahraoui.

@Livelovebeirut reposted an image from her account last month. I saw it. I liked it. I double-tapped it. Finally, a rare repost in which @livelovebeirut post isn't overwhelmingly jolly and tree-hugging. Pine trees and waterfalls are pretty... but at this point in my Insta life, I'm absolutely desenthesized from the green (nature green).

In her carefully-crafted posts, 2D meets 3D which goes back into 2D #nofilter (I'm guessing) posts. A very cool tattoo shows up every now and then. Lots of candy is involved.

I don't know you Pamela, but judging from your Instagram posts - you should be watching your sugar levels, gurl.

A photo posted by @pamelahraoui on

A photo posted by @pamelahraoui on

A photo posted by @pamelahraoui on

A photo posted by @pamelahraoui on

I'm really tired. If I haven't made it clear, you really should check out her page. 

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