Arabs crash Hollywood in Oscar-nominated film posters

I honestly couldn't give two hoots for the film industry nor the upcoming Oscars, but like many of you - I definitely have a weak spot for film posters.

The Grand Budapest Hotel Arabic
The Grand Budapest Hotel
Original artwork by Michel Achkar

I haven't seen any appealing film posters in a while, simply because I'm not loving the current poster design trends. 

Thanks to Michel Achkar and Cinemoz, that just changed.

Michel Achkar re-created the official movie posters of 9 Oscar-nominated films, including Birdman and The Grand Budapest Hotel. He didn't simply translate the copy - but went for a full-on re-adaptation more reflective of the Arab region and its legendary film industry in a collection titled "Arabs Crash Hollywood". The type in the posters is just glorious, and reminiscent of Lebanese and Egyptian vintage posters. You can almost feel a 2-sheet texture to the designs... 

The posters were designed for Cinemoz, a booming video on-demand platform 'for and from the Arab World', in a new tradition Cinemoz started last year.

"What started as a campaign to support Arab Films nominated for Oscars last year, has been voted to become a Cinemoz tradition. Back by popular demand. Say it loud. Say it proud: Arabs Crash Hollywood. Cinemoz presents its selection of nine of this year's Oscar nominated films that got a classic Arab poster makeover. Enjoy your Oscars and Love your Cinema"

Guardians of the Galaxy Arabic
Guardians of the Galaxy Original artwork by Michel Achkar 
How to Train Your Dragon Arabic
How to Train Your Dragon Original artwork by Michel Achkar 
Inherent Vice Arabic
Inherent ViceOriginal artwork by Michel Achkar 
Dawn of the Planet Apes Arabic
Dawn of the Planet ApesOriginal artwork by Michel Achkar
Birdman Arabic
BirdmanOriginal artwork by Michel Achkar

Foxcatcher Arabic
Original artwork by Michel Achkar 
NightcrawlerOriginal artwork by Michel Achkar 
Original artwork by Michel Achkar
For more information and to see the original post, head over to the Cinemoz Facebook Page.

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