Lebanese artists pay tribute to #JeSuisCharlie

Annahar Newspaper

The power of the pen met the power of the hashtag to create something phenomenal... A surge of beautiful tributes, sometimes sympathetic, at times infuriated, and the most touching... disappointed. 

Illustrators and artists from four corners of the globe responded to #JeSuisCharlie tremendously with their pens, and Lebanese artists are chiming in. 

I'm looking forward to seeing what cartoons will be featured in tomorrow's newspapers. I'll make sure to include them here as well. UPDATE: included some below. 

Mohamad Abdouni
Mazen Kerbaj

Louay Daoust
Mazen Kerbaj
Ivan Debs

Mohamad Kraytem
Emile Adaimy
Bokja Design
Nour Tohme of Draw Me a Song

Chanas Graphic Design

Tarek Chemaly

Chantal Menhem
Samer Nehme via Dima Hayek & Tarek Chemaly

Hassan Bleibel for The Daily Star (Jan 9)

Tarek Chemaly
Al Balad Newspaper

Not sure who created this. Speak up!

Chanas Graphic Design

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