Meet the 365 personalities you already know

Since July 7th 2014, Michelle Khalil has been sketching a personality (almost) every single day.

I came a cross her project profile on Instagram and was largely attracted by the captions to her daily sketches. The sketches alone are incredibly characteristic, but the captions are hilariously specific - telling little mundane facts about every character. Why does it matter that Yacine likes to clean his keyboard with a Q-Tip? Because somehow, it leads you to believe that you've always known Yacine.

It's a 365 day project, and Michelle's 142 days in. If that doesn't scream commitment, I don't know what does.

I got in touch with her over the mystical magical web:

B: How did the project start? 

Michelle Khalil: It honestly started with me realizing that I was lacking determination and dedication. Once you graduate from university, setting your own goals, deadlines and consequences can be hard. I needed something to help me exercise my willpower and this is when I decided to start the 365 days project. I had started sketching these characters for fun a little while before the project, they amused me and also noticed that they amused others. So, 365 Days Of Personalities or “شخصيات" quickly came up as an idea.

Is each personality a spur-of-the-moment illustration, or do you plot it before bed?

These are very much a spur-of-the-moment illustrations. I start with the shape of the head, and everything else just comes up as I go along.

How many nationalities are the personalities made up of, approximately?

Up until now, I’m going to say there are about 21 nationalities and still counting.

Many 365-day projects are doomed by the first week. What's the secret to keep going?

It’s not a big secret really, you just have to keep reminding yourself why you started the project in the first place. Getting encouragement from people who follow you is also a big part of the motivation.

How about the secret to that perfect caption?

Not to overthink it.

Let's play favourites.

My favourite ones are the ones that people can relate to in a way or another. On Instagram people started tagging others on characters that seemed familiar, I love that.

How will you say goodbye come July 7th 2015? 

I grew very attached to this project, I’m already thinking about the end. I have a couple of project ideas that I think would be a nice continuation to 365 Days Of Personalities. Stay tuned!

For more, check out a very fluid, comfortable, and reader-friendly website to say the least.

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