Jello shots, stickers, and art

haven for artists

I've never posted an event announcement before, but this one is pretty exciting.

Haven for Artists, an organization that showcases and raises awareness of the arts in Lebanon, is holding their 3-year anniversary at Art Lounge this Saturday. I've never met the people behind Haven nor any of the artists that they support, so am quite excited to bathe in art and mingle in music this weekend. 

If for some unfathomable reason you didn't catch it from the headline, there will be jello shots, stickers, and art - all bundles of joy on what my lousy weather app and I presume will be a rainy Saturday. 

Here's some glorious suspense, in Haven's words:

If Joe Saadeh and Patrick Mouzawak were one brain,

Joe would be the left side - a technical genius who understands light like no other, with an affinity for depth. Patrick would be the right side, emotionally driven with a purpose to break all rules and capture life's rawest moments.

Together, they are teaming up to create a photography installation.

Patrick Mouzawak photograph
Patrick Mouzawak
Joe Saadeh

Sandy Kastoun will exhibiting for the first time

5 of her sketches: Her work is dark, and astutely sensitive merged graphical colours and patterns. 

Myriam Boulos is the freshest

black and white portrait extraordinaire 

on the scene today. She captures people like no other. For this saturday, she will be showcasing a BD/Roman, roughly translated to Comic strip novel, untitled L'épuisé.

Mohamad Kraytem and Wissam Eid are amongst beirut's finest illustrators, their strokes are different but not quite; characters come to life on their canvases and create a story for themselves.

This saturday they will be side by side on a massive canvas creating a unified masterpiece.

wissam eid
Wissam Eid

mohamad kraytem
Mohamad Kraytem
That's the visual arts aspect of the event. There's live music, poetry readings, and a performance. 

Stickers, bookmarks, and postcards will be sold (in case you'd like to start saving, they're at 1,000 and 2,000 L.L.).

These three prints by the talented Ely Dagher will be on sale:

              Ely Dagher illustration   Ely Dagher illustrationEly Dagher illustration

(All profits from the sales go to the artists directly; both Art Lounge and Haven for Artists are uninvolved financially) 

Hope we'll be indulging together this Saturday.


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