Beirut's Newest Wonderland, or How Much of a Visual Bore This City Would be Without the Dihzahyners

The following is a guest post from the Dihzahyners, who along with Dispatch Beirut, renovated an old stone house on Geitawi Street in Achrafieh. With generous amounts of paint provided by their sponsor, Colortek, they set out to pull the house out of its dire state and transform it into a wonderland.

How the Little Wonderland Came to Be

A Little Wonderland started out as an old untouched space. It originally consisted of a broken-down house, a fountain and a series of rusted walls and doors. It was ignored and was treated as a garbage disposal. 

The house before its renovation
We started off by renovating the space and making it friendly enough for us to work with. We then began applying applying our artistic elements. For the walls, we applied a heavy coat of white paint in order to hold up a coat of color. Afterwards, we painted the walls a turquoise blue. 

Working on the exterior
We applied a lilac purple on the doors and shutters, taking into consideration the small details on the doors such as the iron bolts and the screws on the sides, which we also painted in a metallic purple or a royal gold.

Taking on different tasks
Front door details

Stencilling the fountain

Then, using the patterned stencils at hand, we painted in the details on the retouched surfaces of the fountain - ornamental flowers of blue, red and yellow, to stand out and give it that vintage feel. 

Designs of beautiful birds, cages and flower pots were also illustrated and painted on the door.
Dispatch Beirut bring in their signature touch
When the painting job was almost done - we began with the exterior elements that would liven up the house and make it pop out; the painted bicycle which would hang above the door, the pots filled with flowers covering the surrounding, the roof of the house, and finally, the lanterns lit with candles inside. We placed the lanterns on the old tree bark and the edges of the old doors.

Flower and plant decorations give the house a charming feel
The mounted bicycle and front door
With everything complete, we finalize the space by adding all our logos and taking shots with our Little Wonderland!

The Dihzahyners, Colortek and Dispatch Beirut leave their mark
The Dihzahyners and Dispatch Beirut in front of the completed house

Before/after the magic

I joined in on the renovation of the house and it was an incredibly pleasant experience - meeting some awesome people, getting my clothes dirty and passing time for something worthwhile. I urge you to join Dihzahyners and Dispatch Beirut's forthcoming events - meetings with anonymous volunteers looking to contribute to their city in the ways they can. 

Check out the  Dihzahyners' Facebook page for invitations to Paint Up events, exclusive photographs and inspirational street art images. 

A shout out to Colortek, the awesome peeps who sponsored the renovation

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