Hoods for Heritage: An Unconventional Twist to the Traditional Fundraising Model

What would you do if you were given a Porsche 911 hood to style? That's exactly what sixteen established Lebanese artists had the chance to do. Each were given an ordinary, dismantled automobile part to transform into a stylistic piece. 

Though I've never been an avid car connoisseur, I naturally took an interest in the exhibition. Encouraged 'vandalism' (per se)? I'm listening.

There are sixteen of them displayed at Villa Audi, Beirut, each designed by a different Lebanese artist, including the renown architect Bernard Khoury.
"The Hoods for Heritage project was born out of a dual desire to promote Lebanese ingenuity and support the ongoing actions of the National Heritage Foundation in its endeavors to safeguard Lebanon’s invaluable archeological and artistic legacy."
While it troubles me to think that there are quite a few hood-less Porsche 911s lying around somewhere, that scenario seems higly unlikely. 

So let's say they start out looking something like this - 

with the final results looking more like this, alive with character and color - 
Zena El Khalil
Hady Sy
Roger Moukarzel
Mohammad El Rawas
Nada Debs
Gregory Gatserelia

These are my six personal favorites. You can see ten more on the Hoods for Heritage Facebook promo page. 

The hoods will be auctioned off at the gala dinner on September 4th, with proceeds going directly to the National Heritage Foundation

I certainly hope the bidders won't drill these onto their walls. How unusual would it be to see them drift off with these babies on the road? 

For Porsche enthusiasts and art appreciators alike - you still have a chance to stop by Villa Audi (Charles Malek Avenue, Achrafieh, Beirut) to see these embellished hoods. The exhibition ends September 4th. The villa is a worthwhile stop itself.

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