We Need to Frame Our Art, ASAP

Who's the artist? 

Ever since I switched out of my graphic design major, my creative energy has doubled - if not quadrupled. Fantastic whims to paint, photograph, craft, destroy have made a migraines' nest out of me. The Web is my weapon. Artists with online portfolios have been little muses with question-marked faces finding their way into my bookmarks.

There are few local publications that feature Lebanese artists. When they do, they feature the ones that are already all over the place, earning a 1000 lira for their every stroke. That's great, but we need an accolade to those who are uprising as well in order to grant them the publicity they so well deserve.  

Canvas. Plastik. Gossip. All these magazines tend to focus on international work, with the occasional cedar-stamped paragraph. Why is there so much focus on international work? To be frank, I'm not interested in a Lebanese author's summary on Tim Burton. Wikipedia is of more interest.

Which brings me to this. I'm starting a feature on Lebanese artists that I stumble across. BANANAPOOK may not be a Daily Deviation, but at least I get to see extraordinary work on my page. 

The image atop is a little teaser. Can you guess who the artist is? If not, stay tuned. The next post will feature his work.

Create, appreciate,



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