Quick Snap: Mher Krikorian

I had a quick interview with twenty-three year old Armenian photographer Mher Krikorian. A marketing graduate, Mher has been shooting people for the past two years. 

You'll find him wandering shady alleys with the infamous Beirut Street Photographers where he snaps tales of those we seemingly pass but never really see. 

I primarily like his photographs because I'm a huge fan of B+W photography and always prefer street photography over arranged photo shoots. The fact that he's Team Canon also helps..

Bananapook: Are you into film photography?
KM: Yes, and I love it

B: What post-editing software do you use?
KM: Lightroom is the best.

B: Out of all the cities in Lebanon, which one is your favorite for street photography?
KM: Well , I love Tripoli and Bourj Hammoud. I found Tripoli to be very interesting place to take photos because of the people and the old traditional markets

B: What are the reactions from passersby when you take their photos? 
KM: I get many reactions - some positive, some negative. It depends on how you approach them. I even had some very negative reactions as in someone was going to start a fight. In those cases I just ignore them. If the photo isn't worth it and the tourist mode (“I don’t understand“) always works with me.

B: Has anyone ever picked a fight with you for taking their photo?
KM: I was taking a photo of an old man in Hamra and he suddenly attacked me and starting cursing. I was so shocked and decided to just leave him alone.

B: Do you find the Lebanese photography scene to be strong and influential?
KM: Yes, we have some great street photographers in Lebanon. 

If you're into street photography, make sure to join the Beirut Street Photographers to meet the likes of Mher and to celebrate your hobby with many other fanatics. They occasionally meet on Sundays to take trips to far-off places in Lebanon and I myself am looking forward to my first trip in two weeks. 

To see more of Mher's works,

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