A Peace of Jimmy Dabbagh's Mind

I came across the works of Jimmy Dabbagh - a fine art, portrait and fashion photographer living in Beirut and attending the Lebanese American University for a degree in communication arts. 

Jimmy has only taken up an interest in photography three years ago - though the expertise in his images would tell you otherwise. 

I find the simplicity and the clarity in his photographs to be disturbingly relaxing and very alluring. Check them out.

"The funny thing is that I wouldn’t pin my style down. It constantly fluctuates and adapts. But if I had to say what the 'Jimmy Dabbagh' feel of a photograph is I'd say it is a blunt, subtly surreal and haunting photograph that tells a story in a somewhat simple way."

"A great deal of the beauty of photography for me is the ability to tell a story and manipulate it in any way you want. I believe that we all have the same story to tell but the trick is to re-tell that story over and over again in different ways."

Band portrait for Tanjaret Daghet
"I’m interested in capturing beauty in everything that attracts me. I try to stay on the look-out for inspiration because I find it in the most unexpected of places."

See more of Jimmy's photographs on his Flickr.


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